The Fall Before the Rise
AKA how not to start in a tavern

The group met aboard an airship, bound for the country of Rounath. After passing over the deadly miasma surrounding the land, a bolt of bright light pierced the sky, bringing the ship crashing into the earth below.

The party managed to escape the burning wreckage of their ship, finding themselves atop a rocky plateau. They were then greeted by a figure dressed in black and shrouded in cliche villainy. Upon seeing the survivors, the man grinned and melted away into a pool of black liquid.

With the disappearance of their only lead the party decided that they must travel inland, towards the center of the country and civilization. Ignoring Ada’s wishes to spend several hours hugging various trees and fauna, Godjira and Glam lead the party down the narrow path to the bottom of the mountain. The path took them through a ravine where an ambush of twisted Xivort awaited. Just as the adventurers seem to be gaining the advantage reinforcements arrived and they found themselves out numbered. Suddenly a gigantic sword, made entirely out of thunder, plummeted into the midst of the Xivort forces wiping them out entirely. At the exit of the ravine stood a Goliath, dressed in the robes of a tribal Shaman. He introduced himself as Pedak and demanded that the party come with him, this was clearly not a request.


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